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The OG Jam V5  10 regular seeds 

This line is literally jam session of OGs if you will. I began this work in 08, with the idea of recreating the seedline the OGs may have originated from. Talk at the time was that the few OG cuts around had either come from the same seedline or a select individual selfed. I was growing Swerves SFV then, and a grower from down under sent me S1 pollens from a kali Kush OG offering, which was the ghost cut. The resulting cross I designated V1, as I have no idea if those cuts are from the same gen, selfed or completely different seedline. That same grower that provided the pollen sent me he/ she heavy seed from the ghost self. Which had a high % of male dominant females, ya know those gals with the thick mustaches. (SFV X Ghost S1) x Ghost S1, the V2. A 40 Bean filial gen followed in 2010/11. In 2012, I hit the Legend, MuthaG, and another gen. Seed we’re mixed for the V3. I went out to CA, to work a season along side TomHill and learn to grow um big, and some seed tips. The following spring I went back out and picked up the Tahoe and TK cuts. Once again ran the V3s, made another gen with the Tahoe/TK seed mixed in V4. A grower at the cabana was doing a similar work, using the ghost and the heavier earthier SFV cut. He sent me seed, and I mixed the V4 pollens I had frozen with his male pollens and made the V5. 

As of today I have a batch of V5s alongside King Louie S1s from XOs work for the V6. The line produces piney, earthy, citrus and occasionally a lemon plant. Some hefty yielders to found with tighter nodes then your normal OG. In colder temps there are some really nice fall colors.

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